How click and collect lockers enhance CX, streamline operations

Lawrence and Hanson

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is the key in retail, which includes giving customers the option to shop online, collect, and return their orders in-store. Enter Groundfloor Click-and-Collect lockers.

These innovative solutions are quickly gaining popularity in the retail environment and for good reason.

Using technology to improve customer experience 

Groundfloor Click-and-Collect lockers offer customers a convenient and efficient way to pick up their online orders. Gone are the days of waiting in line or scheduling a specific pickup time. With smart click-and-collect lockers, customers can simply drop by the store at their leisure and retrieve their order. This is particularly valuable for busy individuals who have limited free time or need to collect their goods outside of regular store trading hours.

Returns are an important part of the customer journey.  According to a new consumer research study, shoppers are making buying decisions based on retailers’ return policies. The research found that 54 per cent prefer in-person drop-off at a designated retail location. Groundfloor Click-and-Collect lockers facilitate this need by automating the return process, further streamlining the entire purchase, and return experience.

Additionally, retailers can use these lockers to create a more personalised shopping experience for their customers by including special offers or discounts for customers who choose to use the locker service.

Last K Click and Collect Lockers
Groundfloor Click-and-Collect lockers provide solutions for a multitude of different retailers.

Improving retail operations through the use of click and collect

Another way in which click-and-collect lockers can benefit retailers is by reducing costs associated with order fulfillment and returns. These lockers eliminate the need for expensive shipping and handling fees, reduce the number of staff members needed to handle order fulfillment, and cut down on wasteful packaging materials associated with parcel delivery.  

Recently electrical, safety, and industrial engineering retailer Lawrence and Hanson adopted the use of Groundfloor Click-and-Collect lockers at its Thebarton, SA branch. MD at Lawrence and Hanson Gavin Street said: “We’re really excited to have installed the smart lockers. They allow us to expand our omnichannel customer offering in new ways and working with Groundfloor couldn’t have been easier.”

Click and Collect Lockers
Reduce the expense of shipping and handling by facilitating 24/7 collection.

Click-and-collect lockers are a win-win for both retailers and customers. They streamline retail operations and offer convenience, efficiency, and a personalised shopping experience. As more and more retailers begin to adopt this technology, it’s clear that click-and-collect lockers are here to stay. And that’s something we can all be excited about.